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Birmingham Auto Detailing and Wet Sanding Studio
Birmingham Mobile Auto Detailing
Awarded Paint Correction and Polishing
Expert Wet Sanding
Painting and Minor Repairs

Regardless of what condition your paint is in now I can help you. I offer a wide range of services from basic gloss enhancement polishing to show car preparations. State of the art equipment, the best products, and over 30 years of experience mean you get the best results every time. All preparation including washing, fallout decontamination, paint and glass claying, and a protective polymer sealant are included at no charge.

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What Are Paint System Defects?


Paint defects are graded on a scale of 1-4. Grade 1 includes overspray, industrial fallout, and general contamination. Grade 1A includes very light scratches, swirls, light water spots, and marring. Grade 1B includes moderate scratches, deep swirls, bird poop etchings, and acid rain. Defects in these classes are considered to be "cosmetic" and can generally be repaired. Grades 2 and 3 are not repairable and require repainting. Grade 4 is damage to the metal, fiberglass, or composite and requires body repairs.

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Automotive Painting and Minor Repairs
"Like It Never Happened"

While I generally do not respray entire cars, I can certainly repair deep scratches, vandalism, rust damage, clear coat failure, bumper scrapes, "road rash", and similar issues. Rozar's of Birmingham supplies me with the best materials, primers, base colors, and clear coats.

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Titanium Ceramic Paint Coatings
Swissvax Crystal Rock Carnauba Glaze
Absolutely Beautiful Appearance and Superb Durability

The products I offer are intended to protect and preserve nice finishes. Paints shall be in 90%+ condition in my judgement before any application. All necessary preparation work and up to 4 hours of paint correction are included. Further paint correction will be quoted at inspection.