Birmingham Auto Detailing and Wet Sanding Studio

Awarded Paint Correction

Expert Wet Sanding, Compounding, and Polishing

Alabama's Finest Automotive Detailing Since 2011

My grandfather introduced me to automotive paints when I was 8 years old.  I am now 52 years old.  I have hosted seminars and worked with some of best in the world.  Experience, patience, knowledge of paint systems, a commitment to outstanding results, and a true desire to be the best I can be is what separates my work from the others.

Labor Rates Are $55.00-$85.00 Per Hour

Estimates Available Free Of Charge


This man has a truly magical gift with paints.  That is the best way to consider his work.  He will revitalize your car and transform it into better than showroom condition.  Additionally, he will ensure that going forward you continue proper care to retain the tireless work he poured into your vehicle.  If you love your car for what it is, from a daily driver to the garage queen, hire him.

S. Iconis, CFP III, Facebook Review


Mark does some amazing work! I brought him my new 2020 Laramie 4x4 Black Ram with Night edition and the finish was horrible. It was covered in swirl marks and scratches and a few deep scratches. The metallic paint had a dull finish to it and by the time Mark was done it looks like it was painted in chrome the finish has such a gloss and mirror link shine. You can now see the actual metal fleck and sparkle. Looking forward to testing out how the ceramic does on a long road trip!! I would highly recommend Mark's passion and craftsmanship.

J. Howard, Google Review


Words alone cannot describe the transformational change from the paint correction, followed with Swissvax Endurance wax or 22PLE coatings, that Mark passionately applied to my cars. Over the last two years, I have had an Agate Grey GT4, Guards Red GT3, & White 911 Turbo each spend 4-5 days with Mark. The end result is simply stunning! The "investment" that you make with Birmingham Auto Detail will be second to none.

T. Adams, Google Review