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"Mark is nothing short of a miracle worker. His skill and expertise took my already beautiful brand new Porsche and pushed the beauty of the paint far beyond my expectations of what it could ever possibly look like. With his full paint correction and a glass coating, the vehicle truly looks like it cost tens of thousands of dollars more, and the finish (following his care instructions), will maintain that look and protection level for years to come. With that kind of skill and effort, he could transform most any vehicle into a work of art. His attention to detail and care for my vehicle was on a higher level than even the obsessive owner that I am. He genuinely loves what he does, and that comes through in the end result that he achieves. New car with fresh paint, old car with tired or finicky paint, Your best bet, by far, it to let Mark apply his vast knowledge and skill to give you the absolute best result for your need. From the first contact via e-mail, to the day that I picked my car up and was blown away by the end result, he was friendly, helpful, honest, and quick to provide updates on his process. He took a great deal of time to explain the processes that he used on my car, and give me invaluable information for the care of my vehicle, to prolong the finish that he achieved. Trust him, listen very carefully, heed his advice well, and you will be completely satisfied with your investment. He is absolutely the best, and his talent is worth every penny. You will not be disappointed."

"Mark is the best I've ever seen with paint correction. He can make an average paint job look like a wet show car. He will be the only person to touch my Corvette . He is a true pro and knows more than anybody in our area about what to use, how to maintain all without breaking the bank. Honest and trustworthy with my machine. I highly recommend him for any paint finish to do it right. Great guy too!!"

"Mark does some amazing work! I brought him my new 2020 Laramie 4x4 Black Ram with Night edition and the finish was horrible. It was covered in swirl marks and scratches and a few deep scratches. The metallic paint had a dull finish to it and by the time Mark was done it looks like it was painted in chrome the finish has such a gloss and mirror link shine. You can now see the actual metal fleck and sparkle. Looking forward to testing out how the ceramic does on a long road trip!! I would highly recommend Mark's passion and craftsmanship. You can check out the photos on this page."

"Mark did an amazing job on my C300. The coating looks incredible and I know it will last. He made sure I was happy and stressed that if I need anything touched up to please let him know. First class guy and a First class experience. Highly recommend!"

"Mark has taken care of two very difficult situations for us. A 2016 Black GMC Sierra and A F250 also Black. These are everyday drivers/hunting and hauling vehicles. They look better than showroom new. I would highly recommend Mark plus he’s a great guy."

"My entire white truck (paint, glass, trim, etc) was completely covered in a fine black industrial paint/adhesive overspray. I had several detailers look at it and either referred me to a body shop or told me they were unable to help. Mark was able to remove the overspray and was kind enough to work me in over the weekend so it didn't have time to cause further damage. Additionally, he placed a beautiful ceramic coating to help protect the truck in the future. Mark was very professional, communicated well, and promptly completed the difficult job of restoring my finish! Highly recommended!"

"They did a wonderful job and were punctual and extremely easy to deal with and work with as I would recommend them to others."

"We had a wonderful experience! They were very professional and our car looked better than new!"

"You get what you pay for, and my God does Mark do an amazing work! 100% satisfied! My car looks like a mirror! He always kept me updated and showed me progress photos. Zero complaints. If your looking for a true professional to do your car, this is the place."

"Mark took the time to patiently explain five different parameters that make up our experience of a fine automotive finish. I asked for his advice and he gave it. He showed me what needed work, what should be left alone, and distinguished between what would and would not be worth the expense of doing. The price was quite reasonable for the excellent quality and the extent of the work. He took a beautiful but used ten year old Aston Martin and made it stunning. My friends who saw the car before and after could not believe the quite noticeable difference. I am tempted to park the car now and just admire it. Mark encouraged me to drive my car, and followed up with practical advice on how to take batter care of the finish myself over the miles ahead. So, that's what I'm doing! I truly appreciate Mark's diligence, professionalism, personal attention, and skilled experience. Thanks Mark!"

"Mark does impeccable work and his attention to detail is unbelievable. He has perform magic on two of my automobiles, and currently in the process of paint correction on my another vehicle for me. Mark takes pride in the work he performs on your vehicle and always deliver more than one would ever expect. I highly recommend Mark if you want your vehicle professional detailed."

"Mark did an amazing job on my 96 Impala ss he really brought it back to life and I would definitely recommend him to anyone that’s trying to bring there paint back to life"

"Mark is a rare individual who takes great pride in his work! His skill and vast knowledge took my already beautiful brand new Toyota Supra and pushed the beauty of the paint far beyond my expectations of what it could ever possibly look like. With his paint correction and coating, the vehicle truly looks like belongs in a showroom! 😍 Mark’s service doesn’t stop there...he gave us care instructions and details on products to maintain that look and protection level for years to come. We watched paint transformations on his Facebook page and were already impressed before we contacted Mark. He is passionate about what he does, and that comes through in the end result that he achieves. He was also great at communicating with my husband and I to update us on the process and answer all of our questions. Based on his work and our experience, Mark will be our go to guy for paint correction and coatings. I highly recommend him!"

"Mark is an absolute genius at what he does. I picked up a brand new Stinger (Indigo Special Edition), 1 of only 500 in the world, and the paint was in terrible shape. It had a dirty haze to it, and was covered in swirl marks and holograms and clear coat overspray and you name it, this car had it. He took his time, did a grade 3 paint correction and a graphemes coating. The results are absolutely incredible! It brought out the metal flake in the paint, the two tone purple in the color and gave it a depth and gloss that looked car museum worthy! Mark’s skill and professionalism are top notch. He is not the cheapest, he is the best, and that’s what counts in my book! He devotes his attention to one car ata time, and his attention to detail and work are of the highest standard."

"I have been using Mark for seven years and he has always exceeded my meticulous expectations. I wouldn’t use anyone else. If you’re looking for a half day buff & wax; cutting corners to get you out the door, Mark is not your guy. But if you want attention to detail, coupled with outstanding results give him a call. You will you will not be disappointed."

"Professional, patient, and very detailed oriented. Mark takes exceptional pride in his work. No blemish went un-noticed. Final result was immaculate. A true artist at work. I recommend without any hesitation."

"Mark did an incredible job for me on a 95 G320. It was in pretty rough shape when I took it to him, and after a week with Mark - it looked like new. He’s excellent and takes great pride in his work."

"First off let me say that Mark Cox is an outstanding guy. He is up front and to the point which I appreciate very much. I brought my brand new car to him for some paint correction and a ceramic coating. Yes even new cars get hammered by the dealerships upon delivery. Mark did an amazing job and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Definitely looks way better than it did coming off the lot. Mark will tell you up front that he may be more expensive in certain areas but there’s a reason for that. He’s a perfectionist when it comes to correcting paint. Attention to detail and being a master of his craft is what sets him apart. Thanks again Mark!!"

"Easily one of the best examples of customer service I've ever seen. Mark has an incredible attention to detail and a passion for his work. From my research his prices are the most fair in about a 200-300 mile range. Mark was fantastic to work with and was committed to making sure I was 100% satisfied with the work done. I'd highly recommend Mark's work!"

"Mark has a vast knowledge of various paint systems , from the old school single stage lacquer paint system , to urethane 2 stage base coat /clear coat systems as well as the newer water based paint systems used today . He is an expert in all aspects of detailing . His product choices are top of the line , safe and effective . Leather cleaning and conditioning ? Yes he can and does it well . Customer service is top notch , always upfront and to the point ."