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Samantha Jones, Project Manager


There are many fine detailers in the Southeast.

These endorsements were earned the hard way; true passion, consistently outstanding results, and honesty. Thank you all again for such kind words.

"Mark provides an exceptional service without peer.  He has done paint correction and ceramic coating on three of my vehicles over the past 4 years.  You may pay more than other services but you get more.  All my cars are black which will show any defect and after he is done they look like mirrors.  The ceramic coating on my 2004 Porsche Carrera was as good as the day applied when I sold it after 2 years.  Never waxed in that time only hand washed with care!  Highly recommended."

"Mark has an eye for detail and he truly cares about the end result.  He has done our Mercedes and our Mazda SUV.  Both times he has exceeded our expectations.  Mark does all the work himself and he strives for perfection.  You will not be disappointed if you entrust your car/truck to Mark.  Let him work his magic on it..."

"Mark is the best I've ever seen with paint correction.  He can make an average paint job look like a wet show car.  He will be the only person to touch my Corvette.  He is a true pro and knows more than anybody in our area about what to use, how to maintain all without breaking the bank.  Honest and trustworthy with my machine.  I highly recommend him for any paint finish to do it right.  Great guy too!"

"Mark worked his magic on my 2016 Toyota Tundra Limited Crewmax.  In a word...Perfection.  I should have driven the truck straight from the dealership to Mark.  He is an artist.  Just no other way to describe his very special gift."

"This man has a truly magical gift with paints.  That is the best way to consider his work.  He will revitalize your car and transform it into better than showroom condition.  His diagnosis for your car is on a case by case basis, working with you in a customized fashion.  Additionally, he will ensure that going forward you continue proper care to retain the tireless work he poured into your vehicle.  If you love your car for what it is, from a daily driver to the garage queen, you need to hire him for his craft."

"My lexus paint was so bad, I thought it was unfixable until I found Mark Cox, he spent 63 hours doing paint restoration and then putting ceramic coating on car.  It looks fantastic now.  I would never let anyone else touch my car after seeing what Mark can do, he is absolutely the best of the best.  Thanks Mark!"

"In the past, I had spent endless weekend hours applying coats upon coats of various wax systems, and never had gotten the results I wanted.  After buying a new Hellcat, I knew I wanted something different, and was lucky enough to find Mark Cox at Birmingham Auto Detailing.  Mark understands enthusiasts and their concerns about leaving a car somewhere for a week, but after talking to him, I was instantly at ease about it.  He took the time to explain the different options and we ended up settling on something completely different than what I set out to do.  I put my trust in him and his expertise, and boy, what a great decision that was!! The finished car is absolutely stunning!! I literally could not visualize it having the depth of shine that it does now.  All of the dealer swirl marks are gone and the pearl flake has opened up to a consistent, brilliant color.  Knowing that the show car "look" will stay for years to come just makes it that much better.  I couldn't be happier and will never take the Hellcat to anyone else."

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the outstanding detailing service on my 2015 Corvette this past month.  The car has that deep wet mirror look that is beyond the wow factor.  I honestly could not believe my eyes the day I came over to your shop to pick up my car…….is that the same car went through my thoughts.  As you know, I displayed my car in the World of Wheels in Birmingham that weekend.  Among all the great looking cars at the show I brought home a trophy.  This was well beyond my wildest dreams.  This put a signature on your car detailing expertise and the Swissvax Wax products used on my car.  While other detailing shops and detailing car products are good, your expertise and the Swissvax products distinguish themselves from the ordinary detailers."

"I recently purchased a 2017 Corvette Grand Sport Collector’s Edition.  It was a recommendation of my Sales Manager that I have Mark Cox perform paint corrections followed by applying SwissVax Crystal Rock.  The results were nothing short of phenomenal! Mark does very detailed and meticulous work for a fair price.  I would highly endorse Mark to anyone needing detailing services."

"Mark Cox at Birmingham Auto Detailing did an extraordinary job on our Mercedes C300.  Our car never looked better.  His professionalism is unsurpassed.  He takes time with you to explain the process before hand and after the job is complete, he tells you how to maintain the look and protection of your vehicle.  I highly recommend him for any vehicle you might own.  This was our first time using him, and our first time with the products he uses, but it won't be our last.  GREAT JOB MARK!!! .......THANK YOU SO MUCH!"

"Mark Cox of Birmingham Auto Detailing has now done paint correction and maintenance detailing for two of my vehicles, a 2014 BMW 435i (see pictures in portfolio) and a 2016 BMW M235i.  Mark literally saved the paint on the 435i after – get this – a goat jumped on the car and did a little dance on the hood and roof.  Needless to say the hoof prints were horrific but Mark was up to the task.  When he was finished, the paint on the 435i was as flawless as a daily driver would allow.  The keys are this: Mark uses only world-class products (e.g., SwissVax, Gyeon), has years of experience, and is fanatical about using the proper waxes, sealants, and prepping agents for the job – whatever it might be.  He will not return a vehicle until he is satisfied it is 100% finished.  He gives customers the same great attention and service regardless of whether they’ve brought him a 2016 Ferrari 488 GTB for a full paint seal or a 1995 Chevy ½ ton pickup whose paint needs major work.  Yes, you’ll spend more with Birmingham Auto Detailing than with other shops.  But in my opinion, spending my hard-earned money with Birmingham Auto Detailing is well worth it.  Thank you Mark Cox!"

"I purchased a used 2014 black Porsche Panamera Turbo S Executive, that had been driven for several thousand miles by the General Manager of a domestic car dealership who had taken the car in on a trade.  The car looked good from a distance, but when examined closely had numerous fine scratches and deep swirl marks.  I began searching for the best automotive detailer that I could find and discovered Mark's website on the Internet, and I am very glad I did.  I now refer to Mark as the 'Picasso of Paint', in the automotive world.  During the initial assessment phase with Mark, I learned more about automotive paint, and the art of detailing, than I had in a lifetime.  Turns out that the car had apparently been run through an aggressive automatic car wash on multiple occasions.  The results of Mark's work are really amazing, and like looking into a black mirror! I am happy to have found Mark, and you will be too."

"I pulled the car out into the sunlight for the first time this weekend.  Due to the prevalent overcast the past week I've not really had the opportunity to see the effects of a quality, professional detailing in the full sunlight.  All I can say is "WOW".  The shine and attention to detail are amazing.  You forget, after a few years, just how much attention to detail Porsche puts into their paint selections.  Mark's own attention to detail brought out the fullness of a Carrera's curves - the subtleties and timelessness of a classic design came to life after a much needed refresh."

“Mark Cox at Birmingham Auto Detailing is a car detailing Angel sent right from Heaven.  I called him because my Aura TL had really bad swirl patterns in the paint.  Mark responded fast to my initial email and set an appointment to estimate the car.  Within two weeks my appointment was set.  Although my swirls were bad Mark worked diligently and patiently and assured me I'd be happy in the end.  Mark kept me informed through email through out the whole time of having my car.  When I picked up my car my eyes popped and jaw dropped in amazement.  When I say my car now looks AMAZING like I got a fresh paint job, not a single swirl pattern or hologram in sight, not even in direct sunlight, WOW! Mark is courteous, very easy to work with, affordable, and a blessing! Thank you so much Mark you are Birmingham's finest in the detailing business!"

"Mark, I wanted to say thank you for such a great job.  I will be back to you for ALL my detailing needs.  After buying a used truck, I found out that the previous owner smoked in the truck.  After two years of 'professional cleanings' by other detailers the truck still had the smoke odor that intensified during the summer months.  I was disappointed with other detailers and was thinking of selling the truck as the smell was so strong during the summer months.  After Mark detailed the interior, the smoke odor was eliminated.  I was surprised to find my headliner was suppose to be 3-4 shades lighter due to all the smoke.  The carpets looked brand new and the leather felt and smelled amazing.  I liked the his work so much I asked him to detail the exterior and re-dye my leather seats.  The work he did on the exterior paint was amazing.  I had numerous scratches and marks from abusing my truck and he was able to get it looking better than a brand new truck! In total, he must have spent 40+ hours on my truck and I have never seen it look better.  I bet if someone saw it it could pass for a brand new truck! YOU ARE AMAZING.  I sent my Alfa Romero off last week and once it is is restored will be getting it to you."

“I found Mark online and honestly I am a little hesitant when finding a vendor online as websites can be misleading.  Mark was extremely professional from our first correspondence.  After evaluating the car, he made recommendations as to the course of action needed to restore my S550.  The next day he called to see if I would mind coming back out as he wanted to show me some samples of what he was able to achieve.  He constantly updated me via email with pictures as to the progress of the car.  I actually laughed at one point as I though he had sent me a picture of the garage wall, and I then realized it was the refection from the side of the car.  He was honest and found the quality of the work to have exceeded my every expectation.  The car is closer to showroom condition than it has been the day it left the showroom floor.  Thank you Mark for the great job!”

“When I bought my black 04 Porsche Carrera I thought it was close to perfect.  That is, until Mark did a 2 stage paint polishing and correction followed by Raceglaze and Swissvax Concorso wax.  Wow! If you look at the photographs of black cars on his website you will see what I mean.  Hard to believe but the car looks better in person than in photographs even after a year it still looks great.  Mark is a professional and a perfectionist who really enjoys what he does.  I would not have anyone else work on my car!”

"I am very excited to recommend without hesitation Mr.  Mark Cox and Birmingham Auto Detailing.  Being extremely picky, not allowing anyone to touch my black Porsche, made for a tough search when it came time for a more aggressive effort outside of a light polish and waxing.  I had seen owners come back from other detailers after a 4-hour $400 “stage 2” paint detail on their fine autos with remaining swirls in the paint.  Obviously, I was concerned if there were anyone in the area that truly did quality work.  After a bit of research, I found Birmingham Auto Detailing.  Mark’s attention to detail is almost obsessive and his work reflects that.  He will give you an honest recommendation of what’s needed to bring your car back to showroom condition if that’s your desire.  Is he expensive? Yes, but he also does not spend a mere 4 hours doing a "stage 2" paint refresh, try more like 20+.  When you consider time and effort he puts into creating the ultimate finish, Mark is a great value.  He will keep you updated on the progress of your car to completion.  When you arrive for pick up Mark doesn’t simply "hand you the keys".  He shows you how to keep your finish beautiful and will not ask for a penny until he is sure of 100% client satisfaction.  I had "Stage 2+ Paint Polishing and Correction followed by 22PLE Ceramic Coating.  The pictures on this website speak for themselves! The paint looks three dimensional; almost as if you could stick your hand into the finish.  The fun part is it’s been almost a year and I still get compliments every time I take it out.  Enthusiasts just can’t believe how a 7 year old black car can have that much depth and clarity, plus no spidering or swirls anywhere.  For those enthusiasts who spend hours sweating the details and want an EXPERT with the same traits, Mark Cox and Birmingham Auto Detailing is your only choice."