Mobile and In-House Services

Mobile Detailing Services

USD $150 - USD $350

About This Service
These services are generally done on a mobile basis. We come to your location. All technicians are personally trained by Mark, vetted, and insured. The work will be done to your satisfaction or it will be done over at no charge.
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Maintenance Detail - $150
Deep Vacuum
Glass Cleaned Streak Free
Complete Interior Wipe Down
Hand Wash and Dry
Ultimate Interior - $350
Full Steam Clean and Extraction
Leathers Deep Cleaned and Conditioned
Scotchguard Applied To Carpeting
Guaranteed Dry When Finished
Ultimate Exterior - $350
Full Decontamination and Claying
6-12 Month GTechniq Ceramic Spray Coating
Wheels and Tires Deep Cleaned
Glass Steam Cleaned and Sealed

Awarded Paint Correction

USD $495 - USD $1,995

About This Service
Removing cosmetic paint defects such as swirls, scratches, holograms and the like requires only minimal education, formal training, or experience. Creating a level, properly blended, highly polished surface requires many years of experience, proper equipment, knowledge of paint systems, and judgement. From basic entry-level polishing to advanced wet sanding and texture ("orange peel") removal, the results I produce speak for themselves. This is the cornerstone of my business and my true passion.
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Gloss Enhancement - $495
1 Stage Machine Polishing
Full Exterior Decontamination and Claying
Not Intended For Damaged Paints
12 Month Ceramic Paint Sealant
Minor Correction - $995
2-3 Stages Compounding and Polishing
Generally Removes 80%+ Cosmetic Defects
Beautiful Final Appearance
2 Year Paint Protection Included
Moderate Correction - $1,495
Small Area Wet Sanding As Required
2-3 Stages Compounding and Polishing
Outstanding Final Appearance
2 Year Paint Protection Included
Full Correction - $1,995
Large Area Wet Sanding As Required
4-6 Stages Refinement Polishing
Stunning Final Appearance
2 Year Paint Protection Included
Bespoke Finishes - Contact for Pricing

Painting and Minor Body Repairs

USD $495 - USD $3,995

About This Service
If you vehicle is damaged beyond normal correction we can repair the bodywork and repaint it. I do everything from bumper repairs, deep scratch repairs, minor dents, vandalism, Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) all the way up to complete paint restorations.
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Bumper Repair and Paint - $595
Primers and clear coat included.
Base coat color cost quoted at inspection.
Door Repair and Paint - $495
Hood Repair and Paint - $895
Full Car Respray - $3,995

Titanium Ceramic Coatings

USD $95 - USD $995

About This Service
Coatings are very durable over the long term if they are maintained properly and consistently. They offer high levels of gloss, resistance to chemicals and light marring, and super-easy maintenance washing. Paints will be in 90%+ condition in my judgment before any coating is applied. Any required paint correction will be quoted.
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6-8 Year Paint Coating - $995
Super Easy To Keep Clean
Excellent Chemical Resistance
Tasteful Levels Of Gloss and Shine
Water, Ice, and Grime Repellent
Wheel Face Coating - $95
Exterior Glass Coating - $195

Swissvax Crystal Rock Glaze

USD $295

About This Service
Crystal Rock, with 76% by volume pure ivory, Grade-One Carnauba Wax from Northern Brazil is a state-of-the-art carnauba formulation, created in collaboration with world-renowned auto detailer, Paul Dalton.

Swissvax Crystal Rock is not only the professional's choice amongst auto detailers world-wide but also has become the highest level of standards for all car enthusiasts who demand the best for their vehicles.
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Standard Application - $295
2 Year Durability With Proper Maintenance
Absolutely World Class Appearance
Superb Water Sheeting Ability